Earn life

Ian Malcolm

Recently I was scrolling through Instagram, and there was a chalkboard sign with a lovely script font that made me stop scrolling and take a closer look. Huh, I thought. Earn life – that is quite profound. On closer inspection, it actually said Farm life. Here I am having a reflective moment over something I […]

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Into the wild

A while ago I watched the movie ‘Wild’, which is based on Cheryl Strayed’s memoir, detailing her hike along the PCT, which she did – she says, “in order to save myself“. Now I’m usually a horror movie kind of girl, so this was not something I would usually choose. It actually appealed to me, […]

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And there goes another deadline

When I started my blog in March 2016, I went “Yeah! I’m going to publish one blog post a month, and do a painting to go with each post. I’m going to be so productive, I’m going to be a painting-blog-post-writing machine!!” … and then life happened. Fear happened. Procrastination, chores, bills and self-doubt happened. And […]

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Music = instant happiness

Skid Row

This story if for my older friends. And by older, I mean my age. As in, late 30’s and above. While stuck in traffic this afternoon, after a very, very trying day, I decided to change the CD in my car. After 3 weeks of Appetite for Destruction, I felt like I needed a change. […]

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