For the love

Surviving markets in the rain

Here is a shot of my jewellery, neatly arranged around the ever-growing puddle on my table. Good thing I had a pot plant for my display that I could use to help catch the drips!

After almost 10 months off, I finally returned to the Devonport craft market today. I picked a real stunner of a day for my return – it was absolutely pouring with rain, windy and cold. Which made me seriously wonder why I do this.

At one stage, the wind gusts were so strong that I was forced to make a quick decisions as to whether I saved my gazebo – or my jewellery. The gazebo won. The jewellery lost. It lost big time. I didn’t take a photo of it as it was lying on the ground, tangled up in a big puddle. But I did get a photo the second time, as it fell on the table. So I spent the majority of the time untangling and drying necklaces.

The casualties of the day

The casualties of the day. Oh wind, what have I ever done to you?

Even though it was a tough day, I still loved every minute of it. I got to meet many interesting, lovely people. I got to chat with all the creative stallholders and see all their gorgeous, unique crafts.

And so that is why I do this. For the absolute love. The love of creating. The love of mixing with inspiring, clever souls. The love of making something and sharing it with others. The love of doing something I am passionate about.

I’m soaking wet, cold, wind-blown and completely exhausted – and I couldn’t be happier!