Music = instant happiness

Skid Row

This story if for my older friends. And by older, I mean my age. As in, late 30’s and above.

While stuck in traffic this afternoon, after a very, very trying day, I decided to change the CD in my car. After 3 weeks of Appetite for Destruction, I felt like I needed a change. I took out my Houses of the Holy CD – and of course, the CD wasn’t in the case. Typical. What was in the case though, was Slave to the Grind. Which is funny, because I’d been thinking about Skid Row the day before, but completely forgot I had the CD. Most likely because I don’t have a case for it – and so I haven’t been able to find the CD.

So I put the CD in, and it instantly put a smile on my face. I hadn’t heard this music for such a long time, and it bought back so many happy memories. And thanks to the Auckland traffic – I got to listen to the whole CD on my way home.

So I guess my point is, when your having a bad day, life will sometimes offer us small moments of joy to remind us that things are OK. So embrace the small moments that bring happiness, as sometimes that’s all it will take to turn your day around.

And my other point is: oh my God, Skid Row are such a good band. I think I’ll leave the CD in for the next 3 weeks.