I have been fascinated with making jewellery since as long as I can remember. I’ve been experimenting with resin since about 2005, and have now make botanical jewellery, using real dried flowers and an eco-friendly bio-resin.

It all started about 8ish years ago … I was looking at and saw the most stunning bangle made with read flowers. I was completely in love! The colours were so vivid, and I just couldn’t understand how they had done it. I seemed to have an incredible knack for drying flowers in various shades of brown. When I was a little girl, my mum bought me a flower press, and it was my absolute pride and joy. I actually only got rid of it a couple of years ago, as I decided I needed to stop being such a hoarder – and have a clean out. Giving away my flower press is one of my great regrets – I’ve since decided that being a hoarder might be a good thing!

So anyway, I started thinking “If they can do it, surely I can do it too”. I tried and failed for a few more years, and went back to making resin jewellery using my artwork. Until mid 2017 when I started researching eco-friendly resins, and how to preserve flowers again. And I hit the jackpot – God I love google.

The last few years has been a whirlwind of experimentation and learning. I’m still mastering the art – and am absolutely loving it! The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far – is that you can never take nature for granted. Flowers are blooming one day, and gone the next. I had a tree full of stunning Mānuka flowers, and then a big storm hit and the next day they were all gone. So I never take anything for granted.

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