That time I was a character in a shark book

Helen Emmett Meg Generations

2018 was a really rough year for me. I had some big highs and some major lows, but thankfully, the highs far outweighed the lows. One of the big highs was winning a competition to be a character in Steve Alten’s latest MEG novel: MEG Generations. I can’t remember if it was my brother Mark, or our friend Nicky who first discovered Steve Alten’s books, but I remember sitting in the lounge of my flat, reading the first MEG book, and loving it. I have been huge a huge fan ever since. Let’s be honest though, I’d be a fan of anyone who writes about giant prehistoric sharks.

I signed up to Steve’s email newsletters about 20 years ago – back when it was a real novelty to receive email newsletters. He always had competitions to become a character in his books, and we always thought it would be so funny to win. His newsletters would also include rumours about making a movie (which also finally happened last year – and it was awesome by the way!), and inappropriate jokes. For the competitions, usually you had to give him an idea for a character or plot to win. I’m not much of a writer so I never entered … until last year when he had a competition to design the cover of his new eBook (which was unfortunately not about sharks). So I entered, and I won. Life goal achieved!

It’s such a cool feeling to achieve something that seems completely unachievable. Winning this competition really opened my mind to the possibilities of life, and solidified the cheesy – but also very true saying “you’ve got to be in to win!

I’m a bit gutted that my character didn’t get eaten by a shark, but I’m pretty stoked that she is the CEO of “Emmett Industries” who design and make deep sea submersibles. I’m just hoping my character might cross over to the next book too …