The ferry’s engine cranked to a stop …

The ferry’s engine cranked to a stop … these are the words that will haunt me forever! When I was at the tender age of about 7 or 8, we had a creative writing assignment each week at school, where we would be given a starting sentence, and had 10 minutes to write a story following on from that. On this particular day, we were given the sentence ‘The ferry’s engine cranked to a stop’, and so, I wrote about a group of fairy’s who were driving a big rusty old bus that broke down, and how the fairy’s tried to fix it. After the 10 minutes when everyone had to put their pencils down, the teacher would choose 3 or 4 children to read out there stories.

Imaging my confusion when everyone started reading out story’s about a boat! What is going on? Then it dawned on me – ferry the boat, not fairy the little person with wings!

I felt the humiliation and dread creep over me as I sunk down in my chair, hoping and praying that I didn’t get picked to read my story. Thankfully, I wasn’t chosen and I managed to escape the painful teasing that I imagined would have followed.

That day I realised my mind worked differently to other people. It was a defining moment in my life. Since then I’ve always been fascinated with language and interpretation. At the time I thought I was wrong, and felt utterly humiliated – but looking back now it just showed that I had a vivid imagination. I often wonder what my other class mates wrote, and if any of them went through the same anguish as me?